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Staff absence cover that finally makes sense

"Education Mutual is exactly what our sector is looking for in these financially difficult times. An ethical organisation experienced in supporting schools with their supply cover and well-being needs and one where the profits benefit the schools themselves and not the individual shareholders."

Andy Brown OBE (CEO Ad Astra Academy Trust)

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Keeping more of your budget within education

Your membership contributions never go to shareholders, the monies are always working for members. Contributions are used to honour staff absence claims and administer the scheme, with any surplus funds staying within Education.

The best percentages on your £1. Surplus used to benefit members

Typically insurance policies make profits for shareholders, Education Mutual shares surpluses with members. The member Schools and Academies will decide what happens with surplus monies in the form of refunds, reductions in future contributions, policy improvements or member events and grants. Only Education Mutual members profit.

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Health services that prevent and reduce absence

Our members truly care about their employees; staff absence cover is provided with health services to support and aid staff, even when they aren't absent from work. Our targeted services have proven results in the areas that matter within Education; muscular-skeletal problems, stress counselling and fast-tracked medical procedures.

Policy cover designed around you

When flexibility is the norm move one step further and design your cover protection around your schools individual needs. Choose your level of maternity cover, stress cover, options to include pre-existing conditions and pre-planned surgeries. We believe in inclusion, not exclusions.